Kumbakonam Baba Mother

Mullayamma (Kumbakonam Baba Mother) ultered perior in hand that the comet shoemarkers levy would create over the planet Jupiter in 1994.One supreme power to her whenever she uses that paper she possesses such a great power of foreseeing matter in the world.She worships Lord “Shridi Saibaba” who is supposed to be the ambassador of God.

The above said matters have come in the special edition of daily ‘Malai Malar’ called ‘astrological malar’ in the year 1998.

Kumbakonam Baba Mother had been the powers of Telepathy, Tele-Shychik, Extra Sensary Perception, Parahaya-Piravezam , Eesathwam Upto 2009 with 106 Years Old. Astral Flight Power of “Shiridi Saibaba”- Foreseeing inside of Planet, Sea, Gas and Fire. The research about Un Flying Object (UFO) of solor family. The Special site of clairvoyance (Vision of Astrology) to visit galaxy of stars research Occult science, out of body experience (submiliminal and supraliminal) We can get information with in a minute by the help of rare “Time Machine (Silver Paper). It’s speed is trillion light years. Time machine bringing time closer. We can revise the dinosaur lifetime. Now, Kumbakonam Baba Mother Temple work is in beginning stage. We are expecting some Donations by “Sai Bhaktas” and extra.