Maha Maham

DATE: 22-02-2016 Time: 12.00PM – 1.00 PM


Even today Baba is helping his devotees through some of his chosen ‘Bhaktas’ by confirming on them curative and other powers. In this context, Sai devotees should guard against pseudo saints proclaiming His  name to serve their personal interests.

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Article in Vikadan

Here is a brief account of an illiterate rustic woman, who has been blessed by sainath Maharaj  with predictive and curative powers. Eighty three -old Mullayamma of Mulangudy village (Lower Anicut) of Kumbakonam,Thanjavur District. (Tamil Nadu) lives along with her only son, periaswamy, in a hut a precarious life. Hearing about her from friends, a pious sadhaka took me to her some months back. Baba’s portrait and meager pooja materials greet those who get into her hut. ( IC, Yanaiyadi street melacauvery. Kumbakonam-612002

Tamil Nadu)

After formal introduction. Mullaiammal, holding a silver paper on her right palm, started giving details about me. She  also said that I was frequenting a sai shrine at my place and threedeities are worshipped there. She was able to describe the location and other details of Sri Sai spiritual center at Bangalore.


When I asked her about the health of my friend’s wife, she immediately pointed out her malady. When asked how she gained these powers, she and her son, periasamy, gave the following accounts.


Even as a five years old she had experienced unusual’visions. When she was ten , she was blessed by kanchi paramacharya, Who gave her some herbs as prasad. She was able to identify lost articles and where they could be found. By starting at the mud floor of her hut.


At this time, during her sleep at night, she started hearing Shirdi Sai Baba asking her to gaze at her own palm. Though she ignored the call in the beginning, after persistent instructions from Baba, she was thrilled to find Baba’s image on her palm.


Then she surrendered to Baba, who has been responding to her queries whenever people approach her with their problems. She claims to have diagonesed major maladies and has also successfully prescribed remedies. She even gives details of her astral flights by Baba’s grace. She speaks tamil only

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